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Reap the Benefits with a Sump Pump

sump pump and the benefits of having one for your home to prevent flooding.
April 18, 2017

A sump pump can be one of the most important products for your home. In most cases, springtime means rain, rain, and more rain. This leaves us at risk for flooding, and no single person enjoys seeing a flood in their basement. The water that could potentially enter your home is also damaging not only for your walls or furniture but for your health as well. Contaminated water should be avoided at all costs, and that is worth saying since it is estimated that 90 to 95% of all basements will experience some form of flooding in their home. More often that not, the reason flooding exists is because not enough water is being carried away far enough from your home.

Sump Pump Services by Calaway

Here at Calaway Plumbing and Heating, we’re always prepared to help especially if there is a flood. If the rain is pouring, then you can rely on us to help you with any sump pump repair or installation. We have experienced plumbers who have the ability to perform any task you might throw our way. And since all of us are well-trained, we can handle any potential plumbing problems ahead of time so that you can save more money in the future. We care about the service we provide, and that service is always reliable and safe. We use the right products to get the job done right, and our expertise throughout the company separates us from your average plumber. Don’t go another day with a flooded basement and trust the local experts here at Calaway Plumbing and Heating.

How Does Flooding Occur?

The weather here in the great province of Ontario can be beautiful, yet unpredictable at times, which is why you need the right equipment to protect your home. Even though rainwater is the usual culprit for flooding, melted snow saturate can cause flooding too. While the colder months existed, snow saturates filter in through unprotected cracks in your home through the foundation, tiles, walls, or floors. Regardless, your home needs to be protected, and structural damage could go unnoticed for a very long time. That is why sump pumps are so beneficial for you and the home you live in.

How Do Sump Pumps Work?

Sump pumps are designed to get rid of all the water collected before ever reaching the basement. To begin, once you decide where to install a sump pump, you must figure out the lowest point in your home. That way you can determine how readily an ejection pipe or the electrical connections will be once they are set up. You should also figure out the power levels of your pump so that it can handle any potential floods in your home. Once those determining factors are all set, you can start realizing the impact it makes. When the water reaches a certain level in the sump pump pit it is pumped through a pipe that directs the water away from your home.

Sump Pump Benefits

Not only is a sump pump great for preventing flooding in your home, but it also maximizes your property value. What a lot of people forget is a property’s foundation is always below ground level, and for most homes, the basement floor is too. Excess water can collect in your basement and foundation. But when a sump pump is installed in the lowest point in your basement, it will automatically turn on once water reaches it. No flooding means no water damage, and no water damage means you don’t throw thousands of dollars away in fixtures. It will maintain your home’s foundation and also controls dampness and humidity.

Value for Your Home

Anyone’s property can be vulnerable to flooding, but yours doesn’t have to be. With a properly working sump pump, you won’t have to worry unlike the neighbors next door. Having a drier basement will keep conditions in place in your home. Fungus, mold, and mildew will not be a concern since you own a sump pump. Dampness will be a complete nonfactor and a sump pump will even prevent termite and insect infestations too since the basement is dry. You’ll avoid damaged paint as well since water will not enter your home and will not destroy the wall covering you have designed for your home. Last but not least, sump pumps remove potential rust and corrosion of any metal appliances or structures you have installed in your home. Furnishings will not be damaged, saving you so much money in the long run.

Take advantage of a sump pump and never deal with another flood again – call Calaway Plumbing and Heating for plumbing and sump pump installations today!

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