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At Calaway Plumbing and Heating, we understand the pain and frustration of a blocked drain or sewer. That’s why we make it our number one priority to provide all of our customers with emergency, same day service. Leave it to us to get your clogged drains cleared quickly!

Our drain cleaning experts are standing by 24/7 to take your emergency calls and provide you with superior drain cleaning services that very same day. Calaway Plumbing and Heating has the cutting edge in diagnostic technology. Our state-of-the-art equipment will find the source of any blockage, including our in-line drain cameras which allow us to unobtrusively inspect the inside of your pipes. Remember—accurate and prompt diagnosis can save you both time and money.

It is one of the harsh realities of home ownership that your drainage system will develop clogs, whether it’s a kitchen sink, bathtub, toilet or floor drain. Most clogs are easily remedied on your own without having to call a plumber; however, if after a few attempts you cannot dislodge the clog, it’s time to call in the professionals at Calaway Plumbing and Heating.

We offer both residential and commercial drain cleaning services and specialize in unclogging all types of drainage pipes. Our drain cleaning experts use advanced techniques and have the training and experience to restore your drains to working order in no time.


August 18, 2016

3 Helpful Tips to Fix a Clogged Bathtub in Vaughan, ON

If your idea of relaxation is a warm bath with bubbles, then it may be a little disappointing when you experience a clogged bathtub in Vaughan, ON. Don’t worry; it happens. But there’s no denying that clog will need to be fixed in a hurry, or else it can do some serious damage to your plumbing system. Worse, a clogged bathtub can result in overflow and make a mess in your home. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to stand there ... Read More
August 10, 2016

3 Important Steps to Take When You Experience Sewer Backup in Thornhill, ON

Few things are more disgusting as a homeowner than having to deal with sewer backup. Caused when your septic tank becomes too full, or there’s a malfunction in its operation, your toilet and other fixtures connected to the sewer line will have the sewage flushed back through the pipes and into your home where it doesn’t belong — an unpleasant experience, to say the very least. While you might panic at the mess, don’t worry too much; you have options ... Read More
July 27, 2016

Look Out for These Warning Signs of Sewer Backup in Richmond Hill, ON!

Nobody wants to experience sewer backup in Richmond Hill, ON but it’s one of those plumbing problems that can pop up in any home. Don’t just suddenly think your home is immune. If anything, it’s always the most self-assured homeowners who wind up paying the price and have to deal with sewer backup so massive that it damages their plumbing system. When you first notice signs something is wrong with your plumbing system, don’t hesitate to call us. Calaway Express knows ... Read More